Video Game Words

This is to “get you started” with a few simple definitions. If you want more information go to the Wikipedia Glossary of Video Game Terms.

Do you want a new definition? Ask me to add it.

Augmented Reality In Augmented Reality, the user is not in a fantasy world created by the computer program. Software “augments” the real world with visual effects. Pokémon Go has some features of augmented reality.
Challenge Tasks that video gamers carry out to get rewards. The challenge may have a deadline, so there is pressure on the gamer to get it done.
Coins Gamers’ achievements may earn them coins, which they can use to buy extra game features
Experience Point An experience point is a measure of a player’s progress through a video game.
Free-To-Play see “Freemium”
Freemium A Freemium game is free to play. The creators make their money from in-app purchases.
Loot Box A loot box contains extra features for a game. You can’t choose exactly what you get for your money. If you get the wrong thing, you may have to pay again. This makes it a bit like gambling.
Micro-transactions Low-cost purchases of features inside a game
Twitch.TV A live-streaming site where you can watch gamers and game tournaments.
XP See “Experience Point”
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