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Making SENSE OF M365 Sharepoint

Sharepoint was well known as difficult to administer on an “on-premises” server. So prior to the advent of a cloud-based version of Sharepoint, a small organisation with a need for a searchable location for internal content would be looking elsewhere.

I found that Dokuwiki was a good alternative. It’s simple and reliable, but with some drawbacks:

Although it’s really quite easy to edit, people aren’t familiar. Unless they’re enthusiasts they won’t take time to learn how. So my hopes that the wiki would become a “one stop shop” for the organisation began to fade.

Added to that, the “look and feel” of Dokuwiki is plain and simple – which I like, it’s easier to scan. Unfortunately, general users are more likely to use a wiki that’s attractive to the eye.

The cost of Dokuwiki (free) was a big plus point, but even a basic Microsoft 365 business package now offers Sharepoint along with other essentials, so the saving is much less than previously.

What tipped me over the edge in deciding to migrate to Sharepoint was the fact that it’s written in PHP. This is a language I disliked from the first time I saw it. Many important web sites are written in PHP, so it doesn’t mean that Dokuwiki’s reliance on PHP really is a problem of course; it was more about my strategy for a small company, favouring “one stop shop”, over “best of breed”. If I can get Doku admin and security updates off my todo list, it’s more efficient, although there’s definitely a lot to learn before working with M365 is second nature.

This blog is for reference and will cover some of the basics. It’s a work in progress, which I’ll add to and correct as I gain experience with M365 Sharepoint. Here’s an intro to Sharepoint wikis.

Here’s the first draft of a collection of links on the various bits of MS365 Sharepoint:

About admin roles

Web Site
Create a Site

Team Site (or team collaboration site)

Communication Site
(More for communication than collaboration)
Use the SharePoint team collaboration site template

Home Site
A home site is a SharePoint communication site that you create and set as the top landing page for all users in your intranet.
(using the GUI)
How to make any SharePoint page the new homepage
(using PowerShell)
Connect to all Microsoft 365 services in a single PowerShell window
Get started with SharePoint Online Management Shell

Site Page
This is like a web page, more compex than a Wiki Page

Wiki Page
The wiki page is simpler and compact. A collection of links doesn’t take up much space, so it can be scanned more easilyh

Web Part Page

Web Parts
Using web parts on SharePoint pages

Channels belong to teams, they’ll be based on a topic that the team needs to discuss.

Sharepoint Apps
Knowledge Base
Document Libraries

Multi-Factor Authentication

Documents are files that you can store in OneNote

Configure mailboxes
Microsoft 365 admin centre > …Show All> Exchange Admin Center>Mailboxes

About shared mailboxes

Microsoft Teams
Note: it appears Firefox doesn’t support MS Teams, an alternative browser must be used.
Manage Meetings
May receive an error if third-party cookies are blocked:
Microsoft Teams is stuck in a login loop in Edge, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome