Links for “Are You Ready for GPR?”


Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

“GDPR is an evolution in data protection, not a burdensome revolution”
GDPR Myths
Small organisations

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) FAQs for:



ICO Twitter Account: @ICONews
What’s New
Information Commissioner’s blog

ICO Contact Points

Live Chat (out of service?)
Helpline: Option 4 for small business (long wait times?)


Lawful basis for processing

Individual Rights

Key definitions of the Data Protection Act (partially applicable to GDPR)

Developing Policy

Determining What is Personal Data
Determining what information is ‘data’ for the purposes of the DPA
How long is ‘no longer than necessary’ for keeping data under the GDPR?
Cookies and similar technologies


Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation: 12 Steps to take now
Good Practice:Audit Outcomes Analysis (report on ICO audits of big companies under DPA – some specifics may be useful
Index of ICO data protection, privacy and electronic communications guidance
Data protection self assessment:

Contracts With Your Data Processor/s
Your Obligations to Document Your Activities

Privacy Notice

The ICO’s Privacy Notice


ICO: Renew Registration (under Data Protection Act – presumably will be updated for GDPR)
Personal data breaches
Key definitions (Data Protection Act, mostly applicable under GDPR)


Troy Hunt (Security)
National Cyber Security Centre Cyber Essentials: Protect your organisation against cyber attack
RunAs Radio (System Administration)
Runas Radio: The Intranet in 2018 with Susan Hanley (Information Manageemnt)
BCS Entrepreneurs Group – EVENTS

Links for “Words That Build Your Business”

David Mitchell’s Soapbox

Standards of Spelling
The Great British Public
Dear America
Going Forward


Longform Podcast: John Grisham


“Fire and Ice”, Robert Frost.
The Second Coming (W.B. Yeats)

Further Reading

“Politics and the English Language” by George Orwell
Politics and the English Language (Wikipedia article)
“Mother Tongue: The Story of the English Language” by Bill Bryson


The Shorter Oxford Dictionary has more examples of how words are used than smaller editions, and isn’t as cumbersome as the OED. It has useful information on the origins of words. Fowler’s is about on good and bad usage, and of course a Thesaurus helps when you can’t find exactly the word you want.

Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
Fowler’s Dictionary of Modern English Usage
Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words
and Phrases (Penguin Reference)


BCS Entrepreneurs Group Events Calendar


Plain English Society’s Mistaken Criticism of “Unknown unknowns”
The Oxford Comma: Great For Listing, Pontificating, And Winning Court Cases
Railway Bridge Of The Silvery Tay by William Topaz McGonagall (Read by John Laurie)

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