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Mastering Cloud Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a problem when you start working with Microsoft Azure, or any cloud service offering. There are so many new terms to wrestle with. I was considering blogging my own glossary but Microsoft now have several web pages giving very useful information. Here are the links: Continue reading Mastering Cloud Vocabulary

Sql Server 2016 will be Released on 1 June

Here’s the announcement – and Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition is now free! Is it big news? Yes, but if you’re a developer the question of whether to favour an upgrade in due course is more nuanced than it used to be. Continue reading Sql Server 2016 will be Released on 1 June

Cloud Choice: Disaster Recovery

A recent Run As Radio podcast covered “Disaster Recovery in the Cloud”. Many suggestions weren’t brand new of course, but it was great to have them validated by two of the best people in the field. Anecdotes from personal experience livened up the conversation. I’ve made some notes here, but do listen to the podcast if you can.

The main theme I would pick out is that you need to arrive at a point where you have a disaster recovery process which is well rehearsed and for the most part automated. Anyone in the team should be able to put the plan into action, not just the best people, and they should be able to work from the instructions. Continue reading Cloud Choice: Disaster Recovery

Sql Server 2016 and Node.JS

With Sql Server 2016 you’ll be able to store and return validated JSON from the database. Does this mean you can now consider using Sql Server as a back end to a Node.JS web server? Maybe: but before this becomes a reality you have several chambers to pass through Continue reading Sql Server 2016 and Node.JS

Manager’s List of Potential Cloud Computing Benefits

This is a list of potential cloud computing benefits and where they might touch on your organisation(As I’ve mentioned previously, I only work with the Microsoft cloud, but the principles should apply generally).

Of course, you should have another list – the risks, and consider what that list tells you about the trade-offs you would have to make. That’s for another blog post. Continue reading Manager’s List of Potential Cloud Computing Benefits

“Ready, Fire, Aim” at Cloud Computing

A thirty-year-old management consulting slogan plus the arch-buzzword of tech? What’s not to like?

I do think the phrase is apt though, not just because doing something practical is the best way to start cutting through the hype and confusion around cloud computing. It’s also because “Ready, Fire, Aim” suggests that another shot is on the way; in other words a cycle which will continue until something is achieved. But what? Continue reading “Ready, Fire, Aim” at Cloud Computing

Manager’s First Look at Cloud Services

First a disclaimer – I don’t have an good general view of the market since I only use Microsoft Azure (see my reasons at the bottom of the blog). The points I make here should be relevant to any service you are considering though.

The best way to get started is to get started. “What, commit the organisation to a technology I don’t understand?” No, before you make any commitment, do the reconnaissance, in a pincer movement. Continue reading Manager’s First Look at Cloud Services