Transact-Sql Toolkit

It’s time to deal with the “character” issue. Reader, I’m going to pre-empt you by acknowledging that there’s something not quite right about me. I’ve never seen The Matrix or read Lord of the Rings. I don’t want permissions in Production apart from read-only ones (if somebody dropped a table, I want it to be impossible for that somebody to be me). And… I like programming tools – but only if the setup is worth the effort and they don’t need a lot of tweaking afterwards.

If I’m writing Transact-Sql I want to be able to get as much as possible done at the keyboard, without even picking up the mouse. So over the years I’ve evolved a toolkit of procedures that help me to do just that. I’m making them Open Source by putting them on GitHub, along with some other scripts that I’ve found useful for ETL, testing, etc.. This is something of a minority interest even among developers, so I’m not putting them all out there at once, just tidying them up for publication as time allows. I’ll let you know when there’s a reasonable collection to work with.

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